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Planting churches is not an easy endeavor. Neither is it free. For many today, the idea of spending resources on a website or internet presence is unfathomable, especially those church planters and pastors who refuse to compromise truth for money. We feel the same way. In fact, every web developer, marketing expert, designer and copywriter working on this team is a church planter, missionary, pastor or ministry leader who thinks that tent making doesn’t have to be outside with shovels. After all, many of us aren’t even strong enough to dig.

Teaming up with people who need support and who also have the heart to give support is just what we’ve done. Every PENNY that we produce through ministry web design or church websites goes to support not only church planters but bi-vocational pastors, missionaries, evangelists, and apologists. Money made through our services is also used to pay for seminary training so that men called to the Lord’s service can not worry about debt and still study to show themselves approved workmen.

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“web work in ministry is one of those things that can destroy you…”

Horror stories of website fees, maintenance, stolen domains, half-finished projects, and severed relationships resound in this day and age. Some ‘professional’ ministry related web design companies produce cookie-cutter sites and charge thousands of dollars for something that took them 10 minutes. The problem with most of these situations is that the people doing the work and their related companies are in the profit game, not the ministry. We are a ministry and the work we do provides ministry. It’s a double dose of CHRIST-CENTERED tent making by professionals who donate their time and skills, and ministers and churchplanters alike who work for each other while also finding support at times through their labors.